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NSBE Houston Floating Laboratory Program Overview


WHO:             8 Flight Research and Education Teams, each composed of:

2 - NSBE Jr. members from local middle & high schools

2 - Teachers from the NSBE Jr. team members’ schools

2 - NSBE collegiate members from Houston-area colleges and universities

1 - NASA Engineer from the NSBE Houston Space Chapter

8 Sponsor Participants

6 Media Representatives


WHAT:          A highly visual education and research program that includes a first of its kind model of pairing teachers, students from middle & high school, college level engineering students, and working engineers from the Houston space community through the shared experience of reduced gravity flights aboard the world’s only FAA-approved provider of commercial weightless flights.


WHEN:          Fall 2008 / Winter 2009 (Date TBD pending aircraft scheduling and sponsorship)


WHERE:       Houston, TX


WHY:             Provides real and tangible experiences to the students and teachers.  This is a hands on teaching tool to help students learn engineering principles, develop team building skills, and experience research and experimentation.  It is no longer enough just to read textbooks or show videos and pictures.  Our students want real life experiences they can take part in.  What’s in it for me?  What can I do?  How does this change MY life?


HOW:             Student and Teacher Workshops and two Reduced Gravity Flights

Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics content which incorporates current space research problems

Education goals and parameters with alignment to Texas state standards

Teaching tips/suggestions/resources

Online technical support via the Hawking Center

Working in a reduced gravity environment

Long term mentoring between engineers, teachers, and students

Outreach Program to Houston area educational institutions reaching 6000 students annually

Program Management from NSBE and Zero G team members



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For Additional Information please contact either:

Dr. Robert Howard, Jr. / President, NSBE Houston Space Chapter /

Elizabeth Underwood / Director, Education & Charter Development /