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In all of NSBE, no executive board position is like that of NSBE-HSC’s Student Coordinator.  Unique to NSBE-HSC, the Student Coordinator is a collegiate member who holds a seat on an Alumni chapter executive board and leads a collegiate virtual chapter within that Alumni chapter.


It is the job of this individual to coordinate the activities of the NSBE collegiate and NSBE Jr. members who have the opportunity to work as interns, co-ops, and research students at NASA-JSC under various student programs throughout the year.  The Student Coordinator is only present at JSC for the length of his or her work tour - a few weeks or months at most - so time is short.  These leaders hit the ground running and do the job of a collegiate chapter president for the short time they are with us.  The position is continually evolving and developing, and each Student Coordinator leaves an impact on the position.


The Student Coordinator has the following responsibilities:

(a)   Shall form and manage the Student Scholars Committee (SSC)

(b)  Shall, with approval of the SSC, make changes as necessary to the leadership structure of the SSC

(c)   Shall meet weekly with the College Initiative Chair

(d)  Shall represent the interests of Student Members to the CEB

(e)   Shall promote NSBE membership to NASA and Contractor student employees who are not current NSBE members, implementing membership drives as necessary

(f)   Shall prepare a position monthly report

(g)   Shall prepare an Individual Position Report due five business days before the conclusion of the work tour



Listed below are all of the NSBE - Houston Space Chapter Student Coordinators.  Thanks to these students for helping to create a NSBE chapter away from home for our NASA and contractor co-ops, interns, and researchers!



JSC Tour


Work Program

Home Chapter

Summer 2003 (a)

Tishun Turknett



Summer 2003 (b)

Antonio Underdue

North Carolina Space Grant


Summer 2004 (a)

Auresa Thomas


Metro/LI Zone


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