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Administrative Projects

NSBE Space Board Leadership Retreat

NSBE Space leaders will gather for a Fall 2010 weekend planning session at NSBE World Headquarters, located in Alexandria, VA, to organize SIG activity and team build.  The in-person meeting facilitates bonding and communication among Space SIG leadership.  The meeting is held at NSBE World Headquarters to better orient Space SIG leadership to the Society and to build relationships with key headquarters staff members.  Short range (FY 10-11) and medium range (FY 11-16) planning is conducted during this weekend retreat.

Space Technology and Ski 2011 (STS-2011)

NSBE Space technology project volunteers conduct a January 2011 3.5-day working session and half day ski outing for its principal technical projects and those of partnered NSBE Alumni Extension chapters.  The STS-2011 helps overcome some of the difficulties of distributed engineering projects by facilitating face to face project work and bonding opportunities.  Rapid brainstorming and structured design sessions will be used to accelerate engineering development.  The face to face nature also helps draw new volunteers to the projects.  The meeting is held in Denver, Colorado at the Colorado School of Mines.


Technology R&D Projects

Project Arusha

Kiswahili for “He makes fly (into the skies)”, Project Arusha is a conceptual design project of the Space SIG to develop a concept for a 48-person lunar facility intended to spur development of commercial enterprise and continuous scientific research on the Moon.  Arusha is intended to represent opportunity beyond Apollo or Constellation-style exploration of the Moon.  Through Arusha, NSBE Space seeks to provide a future vision for human space activity and to drive discussions to accelerate the commercial use of the Moon, in line with the provisions of the National Aeronautics and Space Act.  It is our vision that a lunar facility should be established to serve as an incubator for lunar corporations, providing a process to grow Moon-based industries and spin them off to build independent settlements.  Arusha technical papers have been presented at the 2006 ASCE Earth & Space Conference, 2007 IEEE International Conference on System of Systems Engineering, and 2010 NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference.  Current work surrounds a six-crew large pressurized rover, one of the transport elements associated with the Arusha architecture.  Design activity is concerned with the cabin interior, vehicle power systems, and vehicle mobility systems. Through the use of a temporary NASA equipment loan, a low fidelity mockup was constructed in 2009 for a habitable volume usability evaluation, with lessons learned for FY 2010-2011 design improvements.


Small Satellites: NSBESAT 1 & 2

This multi-year research project will enable NSBE Space to understand the process of manufacture and launch of small satellites.  The ultimate goal is the NSBE design and launch of a series of small satellites.  This will provide hands-on training for professionals and undergraduate and graduate students interested in developing satellite missions, and create a new technological capability within NSBE.  FY 10-11 activity centers on initial conceptual design for a telescope mini-observatory small satellite.  This project will begin the process of building technical skills and hardware, software, and operations experience within the NSBE Space community that can then be leveraged against larger, long-term projects such as Arusha and follow-on satellite projects.

Mars Desert Research Station

The Space SIG will send a six-person expedition to the Mars Society’s desert research station in Utah for a 14-day mission.  Competitively selected Collegiate and Alumni members will conduct peer-reviewed research related to scientific exploration of Moon and Mars.  This facility, built and operated by the Mars Society, provides a full-immersion into a Mars-analogue environment, allowing research teams to study various aspects of life on Mars.  The research activities conducted at the station are intended to contribute to future planetary missions by space agencies and potentially private space organizations.


Meeting and Conference Projects

Aerospace Systems Conference Kickoff Mixer

This mixer, to be held at the 2011 NSBE National Convention, will introduce the upcoming 2012 NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference and will showcase highlights of the 2010 NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference in a festive, social atmosphere with hors d’oeuvres, cash bar, giveaways, video, and music.  Space SIG decorations and models or small exhibits will complete the ambiance.  Extensive advertising before and during Convention will drive traffic to the mixer.  Information will be made available for participation at the 2012 NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference, including call for papers, sponsorship, exhibit, and training opportunities.

National Convention - NSBE Galactic 2011

NSBE Space hosts its NSBE Galactic activities at the 2011 NSBE National Convention, including on or off-site lunches, a technical exhibit, and a seminar series jointly held in conjunction with other SIGs.  It provides national NSBE visibility for the Space SIG and its sponsors and is a key opportunity to expose prominent members of the space community to NSBE.

Professional Development Conference - PDSpace 2010

PDSpace 2010 is the NSBE Space Special Interest Group seminar session at NSBE’s Fall Regional Conferences.  PDSpace features information and updates regarding NSBE Space projects and workshops of general professional development interest to space professionals, advocates, and enthusiasts.  It may additionally encompass technical workshops and activities of interest to collegiate and pre-college membership.

2012 Aerospace Systems Conference

NSBE Space is partnering with the NSBE Aerospace SIG for the second Aerospace Systems Conference.  To date the only purely technical NSBE conference, the second bi-annual Aerospace Systems Conference will be held February 2012 in the Los Angeles, CA area.  FY 2010-2011 goals include the securing of the 2012 conference contract, inclusive of initial payments, and launching the Call for Papers.


Outreach & Education Projects

Who’s Who Among Black Space Professionals

This book provides recognition of high-caliber professionals in the space industry.  No less than 100 African Americans in space will be featured in this biographical directory, encompassing industry, academia, and government.  The book will be available in hardcopy format, with online sales and an initial public release at the 2011 NSBE National Convention.

10011 (100 by 2011)

The Space SIG is launching a promotional campaign to place at least one copy of the 2010 NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference Proceedings in 100 university libraries across the country by 2011.  The technical papers in the proceedings provide research data that will aid aerospace-related students and inspire their academic performance.  The presence of the publication in university libraries will also help expand NSBE’s technical reputation.

African American Aerospace Outreach

NSBE Space SIG and Aerospace SIG members will conduct a youth outreach weekend to promote STEM careers in aerospace. Friday evening features an overnight astronomy party at an observatory.  Saturday events include robotics demonstrations, ham radio, traveling space museum exhibits, and model rocket launches.  Saturday evening will feature a networking reception to honor aerospace youth outreach workers and promote the 2012 NSBE Aerospace Systems Conference.  Invited attendees will include media, local politicians, celebrities, engineers, and corporate executives.



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