How to Join NSBE Space

The Space SIG is always looking to increase our numbers of culturally responsible

engineers who are looking to join the vanguard of space exploration.



Join NSBE Space here!


Membership is open to NSBE Alumni, Lifetime, Honorary, or Affiliate Members who also possess one or more of the following credentials:

1.      Current or former employment by NASA, a NASA contractor, or a public or private organization actively engaged in space-related activity; or

2.      Current graduate student, post-doctoral, or faculty status in a space-related field of study; or

3.      Current activity on a government executive or legislative body with space-related responsibilities.

* Collegiate graduate students may also join NSBE Space.


Additionally, chartered NSBE-AE chapters who possess either of the following credentials may join NSBE Space as member chapters:

  1. Corporate-style chapter, centered around a NASA facility or a contractor or private/public organizationís facility actively engaged in space-related activity; or
  2. City-style chapter with greater than 50% of its membership meeting the individual member criteria. 


NSBE Space is particularly interested in increasing the number of NSBE-AE chapters at NASA centers.Persons at NASA centers interested in establishing a NSBE chapter at their center can follow this link for more information about NASA Chapters.


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