Project Arusha



            Project Arusha is a research initiative of the Space Special Interest Group of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE Space).  Arusha, Kiswahili for “He makes fly (into the skies)”, is a conceptual design for a 48-person lunar facility, intended as an international government/commercial venture to be deployed in the timeframe after the NASA Exploration initiatives.  Through Arusha, NSBE Space seeks to provide a future vision for human space activity and utilization of the Moon following NASA’s initial return to the Moon.  Its purpose is to accelerate the commercial use of the Moon, in line with the provisions of the National Aeronautics and Space Act.  It is our vision that a lunar facility be established to serve as an incubator for lunar corporations, providing a process to grow Moon-based industries and spin them off to build independent settlements.


            The first Moonbase Arusha element for development in 2005-2006 is a Pressurized Rover.  Technical work will address the design of this rover and will be captured in multiple papers by NSBE Space engineers.  Persons interested in working on this project should sign up on NSBE Online to work on one of the following project teams:


            Fuel cell, battery, combustion, nuclear trades

            Drivetrain design

            Docking systems

            Dust mitigation

            Computer architecture

            Lunar navigation systems

            Short-range communications

            Long-range communications

            Cabin atmosphere

            Environmental monitoring

            Internal systems and cabin thermal control

            External systems thermal control

            Crew size

            Crew task analyais

            Crew accommodations



            Net Habitable Volume requirements

            Materials selection

            Use of rover as primary storm shelters

            Storm protection design level

            Shielding options and mass impacts

            Solar or nuclear energy systems

            Manufacturing/regolith processing materials transport

            Fuel - fuel industry



            EVA suits

            EVA suit and EVA robotic assistant maintenance

            Dust mitigation


            Internal systems maintenance

            External systems maintenance

            Lunar facility impacts

            Crew responsibilities

            Lunar base responsibilities

            MCC responsibilities

            Ongoing vehicle management

            Lander sizing

            Transfer stage sizing

            Compatibility with shuttle-derived heavy lift vehicle

            Alternative launch vehicles

            CAD models

Pressurized Rover preliminary concept

            Artist concepts

            Physical mockups


Completed Papers

Project Arusha: Pressurized Rover Systems.  Dr. Robert Howard, Dr. Edward Tunstel, Dr. Willie Thompson, Horace Bussey, and Jennifer Scott Williams.  To be presented at the ASCE Earth & Space Conference.  March 5-8, 2006.  League City, TX.


Upcoming Activity

Graphics and Modeling - Pressurized Rover

System Papers - Pressurized Rover, Communications Satellite Architecture

Concept of Operations - Moonbase Arusha




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