Miscellaneous Program Thoughts


This is pure brainstorming.  These don’t quite fit into the program descriptions, but they are other things floating around in my mind for the chapter to do.  EVERYTHING on this page is subject to change between now and when it’s intended to happen, so don’t be surprised if something fails to materialize.  But this is my current take on what I’d like to see the chapter ultimately accomplish during the course of any given year (i.e. when the chapter has reached a mature growth point of 50+ members).


Of course, nobody will be able to do everything and some prioritizing will probably trim this list down a little (or a lot).  Work, family, and other commitments will also cause people to miss activities from time to time.  That’s fine.  Everyone will not take part in everything we do.  My only goal is that as people have the time, there will be a niche somewhere in here for them to enjoy, benefit from, and benefit others.  Most of these ideas probably will not happen, but the best ideas will hopefully rise to the top and become chapter activities during the upcoming year.


Business Meetings

·        Chapter Executive Board (CEB) Meetings (dates/frequency/location set by CEB)

·        Chapter Business Meetings (Monthly, onsite, afternoon)

o       Generally only business, but sometimes will be presentations, panel discussions or forums related to member career development, job-related issues, etc.


Lunch Socials and Seminars

·        Chapter Technology Seminar (monthly, 15-20 min presentation with Q&A, B3 Cafeteria in the closed off area)

o       Intended to develop members’ presentation skills and comfort (part of encouraging members to publish research in conferences and journals)

o       One presenter per meeting; will present on something from his/her NASA work or an outside technical activity (i.e. graduate school thesis or outside business – if technical)

o       Also intended to broaden members’ technical knowledge

o       (Part of Technical Paper Initiative – see separate sheet)

·        Lunch Socials (weekly or as desired, on or off-site, location(s) TBD)

o       Intended to help members get to know each other, have fun

o       Not a formal meeting/activity/event; participation optional

o       No speakers, no business, no moderator, just social interaction and food

o       As chapter becomes larger, there may be more than one of these on a particular day (i.e. members at a particular offsite facility might have a social in one place while the onsite chapter members have one somewhere else, etc.  In our early moments, we might be just one table in the cafeteria.)


Outreach Activities

·        Technical Outreach

o       TORCH (community computer classes – NSBE national initiative to bridge the digital divide)

o       Space-related presentations to community organizations/gatherings, targeting Black adult population

o       Black Space Expo (long term goal, see separate sheet)

o       Engineering Project Committees (only for interested chapter members)

§         New Technology/Recommendations to NASA (NSBE-HSC design papers, research, etc. related to current or proposed NASA activities – an example would be a conceptual design report of a better Mars DRM, or enhanced ISTP proposal, or a strategy to accomplish Pluto Express)

§         ??? (anything else we want to tinker around with)

o       Research contracts??? (is possible, but must be done to not violate any contractor or government policies if research is in space-related areas, competing for NASA funding; could be outgrowth of project committees; includes NASA unsolicited proposals when opportunity and experience match)

o       Conference Support (one or two per year)

§         Resource manpower to AIAA, IEEE, National Space Society, Space Frontier Foundation, etc. sponsored conferences held in the JSC/Houston area (increases chapter and member exposure, networking opportunities, experience gained to be used when we eventually host our own conferences, etc.)

o       ??? (anything that uses our technical skills to benefit the community)

·        Student Outreach

o       PCI/NSBE Jr. (K-12 NSBE outreaches – tutoring, Jr. NSBE chapters, etc.)

o       JSC’s SCIAD (tied as closely as possible to NSBE Jr. and predominantly Black schools)

o       NASA NSIP contests (http://education.nasa.gov/nsip)

o       NTA Technical Symposium (Science Fair) (manpower support to NTA-HC and mentoring to NSBE Jr. contestants)

o       Space presentations to grade schools and colleges, targeting Black audiences

o       Collegiate Initiative (interaction with and help for area college NSBE chapters)

o       Student Activities Committee/JSC Student Programs (mentoring to NSBE Collegiate and PCI members who are JSC summer students/co-ops – “a chapter away from home”)

o       Texas Aerospace Scholars Program (provide manpower support/mentors)

o       NASA/contractor recruiting (ensuring NASA & contractor booths at NSBE conference, requesting NASA & contractor recruiting to HBCUs, etc.)


Other Professional Development Activities

·        Promote membership awareness of JSC, contractor & university training/education opportunities (chapter emails and newsletter; perhaps direct interaction with HR reps)

·        Mentoring (Professional, Collegiate, and High School – everybody from senior managers down to summer intern and SHARP/pre-co-op students should have an opportunity to be mentored to and to be a mentor to someone else; can be coordinated to leverage with existing JSC and/or contractor mentoring programs or can be independent, whichever is more practical to implement)

·        Professional Toolkit (see separate sheet)

·        Technical Paper Initiative (see separate sheet)

·        Division-based discussion/Q&A forums or support groups?

·        Track statistics on Black civil service and contractor engineer performance/morale/promotion/etc.

·        Advocate participation in NASA/Contractor sponsored training opportunities

·        Promote entrepreneurial opportunities in space transportation, research, tourism and exploration

·        ???


NASA days for social events (anytime there is a JSC or NASA “event” we should get together to do something fun among ourselves; sometimes this will be as part of or after an AAAN or NTA-sponsored event; events may be on or off-site; there may also be Gilruth or Building 3 presentations/performances associated with the day’s events)

·        Safety Health Day

·        Juneteenth

·        American Heritage Week (Friday social?)

·        Black History Month Program Day

·        Women’s History Month Program Day

·        Challenger and Columbia Observances

·        MLK Program Day

·        Baton Rouge NASA Networking Social

·        ???


NSBE-HSC Socials

·        Beach trip (Day trip? Weekend/beach house(s)?)

·        Spring Picnic

·        Shuttle launch trip? (Combine with beach trip?)

·        NSBE Pre-Convention? (social event in host city of National Convention; day before convention begins; or maybe post-convention done the Sunday after closing session)

·        Other socials with minority organizations throughout the city

·        Quarterly welcome social for new Black civil service/contractor employees (done at/after a business meeting, with refreshments provided?)

·        ???


Joint Socials and Service Projects with NSBE Houston Alumni Extension Chapter and/or NTA Houston Chapter

·        NSBE Christmas service project

·        NSBE-HAE Winter Social

·        NSBE-HAE Women’s shelter and children’s home service projects

·        NTAHC Technical Symposium (Science Fair)

·        ??? TBD (depends on what they have going on)


Dinner Meetings With Topical Speakers (Quarterly or Monthly, Gilruth or offsite)

·        Leaning towards quarterly at Gilruth

·        Charge as fundraiser (but not excessive – no more than $5-$15 above meal cost per person)?

·        Potential Topic Areas

o       Space Flight

o       General Aviation

o       Systems Engineering

o       Robotics

o       Human Factors

o       Astronauts (particularly Black Astronauts)

o       Communications

o       Other relevant engineering/science fields

o       NSBE – Visiting regional or national NSBE leadership

o       Black Community – Invited Politicians, Community Activists, or representatives from NAACP, other organizations

o       Awards Ceremony/Leadership Transition (annual)

o       Honor/Recognition of high profile individuals


Chapter Fundraising

·        Corporate solicitation

·        Contract and Grant solicitation

·        Paraphernalia sales

·        Member dues

·        NSBE National/Regional program funds

·        Chapter sponsored lunches, dinners, conferences

·        Vendor booths at community events

·        ???


Key Organizations for Interaction

·        NSBE-HAE

·        NSBE-UH (University Park)

·        NSBE-UH (Downtown)

·        NSBE-PV A&M

·        NSBE-Rice

·        NSBE-TSU (help reactivate)

·        (Once chartered: NSBE-UHCL)

·        NTAHC

·        African American Aerospace Network

·        BBEA

·        AIAA

·        IEEE

·        SHPE

·        MAES

·        CAAO

·        Space Frontier Foundation


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