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Katrina Technical Services Group

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The Houston Space Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers has organized the Katrina Technical Services Group (KTSG) to provide professional expertise to help evacuees from New Orleans, and other towns affected by Hurricane Katrina, who have evacuated to the Houston area.  The KTSG will work in support of the relief efforts of New Faith Church primarily to provide resume writing assistance and basic computer skills training for evacuees.



KTSG Leadership Team

Lisa Washington, KTSG President

Cathy Anderson, KTSG Vice President

Chris Oliver, KTSG Secretary

Marlo Graves, KTSG Treasurer

Nahom M. Beyene, KTSG Programs Chair



Work Schedule

Computer Training

Week 1:           Introduction to Computers

Week 2:           Introduction to Windows

Weeks 3,4:       Introduction to the Internet

Weeks 5,6:       Introduction to Microsoft Word

Resume Writing

Week 7:           Resume Writing Basics

Week 8:           Resume Writing Activity



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