Executive Board Items for Discussion


This is not necessarily an exhaustive list, but are things I want us all to be aware of because they are both important and coming up in the near future.(Though depending on available time, they may or may not be on the upcoming executive board meeting agenda.)They are here so that we donít forget about them in the midst of everything else we are trying to do.These will be updated periodically, so always check back.


Collegiate NSBE members attending HSC Chapter meetings - last updated, 8/29/03

††††††††††† The UH-NSBE chapter has expressed an interest in sending members to our chapter meetings.This is something that NSBE encourages in general and we want to make this happen.As long as we are not under any kind of alert status, it is a simple matter to bring visitors onsite using ERVB badges.However, to use this badge, we have to meet the guests at Security Building 110 and must escort the guests onsite in a NASA badged vehicle.Any NASA employee or onsite contractor can obtain EVRBs from their division office - they only need the name of the person(s) the badge(s) is/are for.Iíd like to use non board members for this as much as possible to encourage their attendance.What do you think?

Professional Development Conference/Fall Regional Conference - last updated, 9/25/03

††††††††††† Transportation is completely up in the air.The TSU chaprter bus option fell through, leaving only the PV option (~$100).Other options include flying, driving own vehicle, and renting a van.At this point, van rental is a likely option.We need to know exactly who is going.


NSBE Jr./Try-Math-A-Lon - last updated, 9/25/03

††††††††††† The Booker T. Washington NSBE Jr. chapter will be supplying the Try-Math-A-Lon team for Houston.We should help them prepare to give them a better chance for success. They also need financial support for travel to the conference.

††††††††††† On another note, I have gotten a few suggestions that we should do high school outreach in the Texas City/Lamark? (the other town near Texas City - thereís a Black high school somewhere that way) area.The point people are making is that Houston area schools often get NASA exposue, but not much tends to go south.Itís a good point, but at the moment our initial direction will depend on where our PCI manpower comes from.The challenge I am making to them - or to anyone else who wants us to target any particular region - is to get onboard with the chapter and help us target their desired area.Starting a NSBE Jr. chapter really needs a team of 2-3 dedicated people to take ownership of the process (as a primary NSBE task - none of us count because we already have responsibilities for our offices).My take is we can start with whatever school(s) we have that level of commitment for, but we really shouldnít try to charter any chapter without that level of commitment.Until we have that commitment, we will just support existing chapters in the Houston area.


Real Estate Agents - last updated, 8/28/03

††††††††††† We have a number of real estate agents in the chapter, or who are friends of chapter members.I want to do something to give them exposure to the members, but Iím not sure what or when.I do know that I want our paid members who are real estate agents to get special treatment, but again Iím not sure what.This is something we need to address and implement this fall quarter.


Collegiate Chapter Visits - last updated, 9/25/03

††††††††††† It is a mandatory NSBE policy for Alumni chapters to have some involvement with collegiate chapters.It is NOT specified how this is to be accomplished, but it is expected that Alumni chapters will visit collegiate chapter meetings periodically.No executive board member - other than the College Initiative Chair - is required to attend collegiate meetings, but all who are interested are welcome.Are you all interested in attending, and if so, how often do you want to go, do you want to go as a group, etc.?Other than the CI Chair, this is NOT your official officer duty, so please do not attend these meetings at the expense of things you need to be doing for the chapter.But if you have time, you are always more than welcome.

††††††††††† At this point, we have the following:

††††††††††† UH-NSBE meetings - Jennifer is prime

††††††††††† TSU-NSBE meetings - nobody is prime

††††††††††† Rice-NSBE meetings - nobody is prime


Texas AE Social - last updated, 8/28/03

††††††††††† At the most recent Alumni chapter chairs conference call, the AE regional chair, Robert Booth, introduced the idea of a Texas Zone Alumni social.What do you all think?There are no details at this point, so now is the time to express any preferences you have.City?Time of year?Day or overnight trip?What kind of trip?What events?Combine with a regional conference or make it a separate - strictly social - event?

††††††††††† My guess is it will most likely be in one of the cities where we have Alumni chapters: Austin, Houston Metro (including Galveston as an option), or DFW Metroplex, but it need not be limited to those metro areas if there is another area of interest.


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