NSBE-HSC Encourages Chapter Members to Take the Following Steps at each Risk Level:


Level 4 (Concern) When a storm poses a threat to JSC within 72 hours

                    Fuel your car (and keep it near full until the storm has passed)

                    Monitor weather reports (Channel 2, Channel 11, Channel 13, Channel 39, Weather Channel)

                    Prepare/finalize personal evacuation plan

                    Familiarize yourself with inland flooding and Houston evacuation routes

                    Identify places to stay (friends, hotel, etc.) in the event you evacuate

                    Learn alternate routes between home, work, and other destinations you may visit within the next several days

                    Consult Houston Real-Time Traffic Map to determine current and average highway speeds on possible routes

                    Familiarize yourself with Texas Hurricane Risk Maps and the Storm Surge Risk Map (1MB). If you live or travel through any affected area(s), keep copies in your home and car.


Level 3 (Preparation) When there is a high probability that severe weather will pose a significant threat to JSC employees and facilities, generally within 48 hours

                    Liberal leave policy implemented - consider evacuation

                    All NSBE-HSC meetings, activities, etc. are cancelled (with the exception of any actions related to providing assistance to member, NASA, and/or community disaster relief efforts)

                    Prepare your work area for evacuation according to your Hurricane Checklist or other office policies

                    Assemble a disaster supplies kit (see also Emergency Supply Kit)

                    Prepare your home for possible flooding

                    Identify safe zones - places you can wait out a storm - in the event you are blocked by flooded roads en route to home or work

                    Store valuables and personal papers in waterproof containers

                    Become educated concerning flood recovery


Level 2 (Response) When there is a high probability that severe weather conditions pose a threat to the Center within 36 hours

                    Center director MAY release all nonessential employees (if JSC is closed, all employees MUST leave unless they have been designated otherwise)

                    Take proper steps to secure your work area prior to evacuation

                    Execute your evacuation plans - get to safety now

                    Allow plenty of time for evacuation - do NOT wait for the last minute if you plan to leave the area. Expect streets and highways to become congested as the storm approaches


Level 1 (Rideout and Recovery) When severe weather poses imminent threat to the Center within 24 hours

                    Do not return to JSC until directed to do so by NASA management

                    If you have not already done so, immediately move to a safe location

                    Monitor TV or Radio for weather updates and emergency instructions

                    Monitor JSC Center status by calling (281) 483-3351 (local) and 1-877-283-1947 (toll free) throughout the threat period (also consult JSC public website: http://www.nasa.gov/centers/johnson/home/index.html)

                    Monitor Harris County flood data

                    If you do not evacuate, stay inside, away from windows, skylights, and glass doors. Keep drinking water in clean bathtubs and bottles and keep flashlights handy.



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