Chapter Donors Program

Building Self-Reliance and Financial Vitality


Over the course of its brief history, the Houston Space Chapter has had irregular revenue streams.  During FY 2004-2005, we received a $10,000 purchase order from NASA Johnson Space Center, which we used to finance Risk Management training at the 2004 Region 5 Professional Development Conference and chapter outreach activities for NASA summer interns and Houston area high school students.


However, we have often been unable to provide equal financial contributions towards joint projects with our sister chapter, the Houston Alumni Extension.  Additionally, the chapter has ongoing expenses related to web hosting, PO Box, and a storage facility for approximately $6,000 worth of chapter assets, which were previously stored in various members’ homes.  Because it is often difficult for companies to divide their NSBE support between nationals, Region 5, the Space SIG, and the chapter, we are supplementing our chapter revenue with self-reliance, an important characteristic we have not often emphasized.


The Chapter Donors Program allows members to provide a valuable contribution to the chapter by signing up on our PayPal site to make a bi-weekly donation.  The process is easy and quick to process and enables the chapter to meet its budget obligations.  Using the Chapter Donors Registration Form, you may direct your contributions towards specific chapter programs/activities if you would like.  Alternately, if you prefer, a weekly, monthly, or one-time donations plan is also available.


National and local dues are paid by the chapter for all donors, so participants should not make any NSBE dues payments.  (You will still need to activate/update your membership annually in NSBE Online – – but you should choose the pay later option instead of entering credit card information.)  One caution - your national dues do not become active until you have made enough donations to cover them.  See the benefits schedule link below.  If you are donating below the Gold level we recommend paying your dues separately and using the Chapter Donors Registration Form to redirect the $50 dues benefit to either another benefit or as an increased donation to the chapter.


All donors will receive additional benefits, based on their level of donation, including (at certain donor levels), chapter meeting meal expenses, NSBE conference partial expenses, and a chapter polo shirt.  Your contribution is tax deductible minus the portion used to finance your benefits.  Donors will receive a receipt every January, identifying their tax deductible contribution for the preceding tax year.  We are truly grateful to all of our donors and corporate sponsors!


Donor Levels

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