Sample Future Chapter Programs

All of these programs are subject to change, or to be deleted, and new programs are subject to be added.  These just give a sampling of activities I presently have in mind for the chapter.  Our activites should in no way be considered limited to the activities listed and it is absolutely guaranteed that many of these activities will not take place within the first few years.  What we do as a chapter will always be in the context of the NSBE mission, but will depend on the interests, skills, and availability of our leadership and membership.  Note that many of these program descriptions are works of brainstorming in progress.  Every program listed and its description should be considered at the brainstorming level of development.  Your feedback will be invaluable to the development and eventual implementation or elimination of these programs.

New Employee Checklist


Book Project

Mike Anderson Biography

Black Space Expo

Rocket Launch

Black Space Museum

NSBE Space Camp

NSBE Jr. Strategy

Date Auction

Miscellaneous Program Thoughts

Community Engineering Projects

Also take note of relevant NSBE-Alumni Extension program and award information located online.  NSBE-HSC intends to win a number of chapter and member awards in 2004!

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