Future NSBE-HSC Program

(may eventually become a NSBE-HSC advised NSBE Jr. program; will likely eventually be held at Black Space Expo)



Rocket Launch


The rocket contest is designed to allow for a variety of participants, spanning all age ranges and skill levels. Each contestant must bring a rocket, engines for 4 launches (1 contest, 1 finale, 2 spare), and a repair kit (to fix broken fins, etc.). Level 4 contestants must also bring their own launch system.


Contest Schedule

10:00 Static Judging

11:00 Level 1 Launches (A motor)

12:00 Level 2 Launches (B or C motor)

1:00 Level 3 Launches (D motor)

2:00 Level 4 Launches (Cluster, Multistage and E+)

3:00 Preparations for Grand Finale

4:00 Grand Finale Awards Ceremony; Simultaneous Launch with sparkle, streamer, etc. release


Launch schedule will be

:00 Child

:20 Teen

:40 Adult


Thus, for the Level 1 launches, children with A engines should be ready to launch at 11:00 am, teens at 11:20, and adults at 11:40.


Static Judging Categories

Rocket Style/Appearance

Difficulty of Construction


Flight Judging Categories


Landing Accuracy

Payload Survival

Vehicle Performance (multistage or clustering only)


Marketing strategy:

Appeal to schools, churches, community organizations to participate

Make special appeal to all NSBE chapters (HAE, collegiate, and NSBE Jr.); AAAN; BBEA; NTAHC; etc. to submit entries

Visit organizations to host rocket building work sessions

Eventually do as part of Black Space Expo


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