Houston Space Chapter Overview



The Houston Space Chapter is an Alumni Extension chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, focused on government and contractor employees at Johnson Space Center.Our charter was received by NSBE World Headquarters on July 16, 2003 and took effect on August 1, 2003.NSBE-HSC is an award winning chapter in NSBE, having received the 2005 National Alumni Extension Chapter of the Year Award. ††NSBE-HSC has also co-hosted the 2004 Region 5 Fall Regional Conference and the 2007 Region 5 Alumni Extensionís Strategic Planning and Research Conference.Along with its sister chapter, the Houston Alumni Extension, NSBE-HSC will continue to co-host the SPRC through the year 2010.


Chapter Vision

The Vision of NSBE-HSC is an educated Black community aware of benefits of and within the space industry and capable of utilizing those opportunities for their benefit; Black space professionals engaged in significant numbers throughout the space industry at all levels of managerial and technical involvement; and widespread mechanisms to develop African American students into future space professionals.


Chapter Goal

The goal of the chapter is to tap into the wealth of resources and talents at NASA-Johnson Space Center.There are more than a hundred Black civil service scientists and engineers at JSC and a significantly larger number of contractors.Additionally, the chapter will seek to enhance the job satisfaction within this grouping, which will work directly towards the missions of both NASA and NSBE.The chapter will seek to provide programs that contribute positively to the professional satisfaction and success of its membership.


Done properly, this will have benefits for NSBE, NASA, and the individual employees who participate.There is an incredible untapped potential lying within a fusion of the NSBE mission with the energy and vision of NASA.In addition to NSBE-specific programming, NSBE-HSC will interact with the NTA Houston Chapter, Boeing Black Employee Association, JSC Education and Equal Opportunities Program Offices, and other organizations in a non-competitive, complementary fashion to help build a sense of community at NASA and provide a collective point of focus for Black space professionals.Lessons learned from NSBE-HSC have already been used to help start NSBE chapters at other NASA centers, such as Goddard, Kennedy, and Stennis.



The only membership regulations for NSBE-HSC are those imposed by NSBE for its various membership categories.Essentially, any person who is interested will be able to participate as a member in some form or fashion.In general, NSBE-HSC will seek to target and recruit Black scientists and engineers in the Houston area who are actively involved in the NASA human spaceflight community.Chapter activities will be specifically geared towards this demographic, though individuals beyond this demographic are absolutely welcome to join.


Chapter Awards

2003 - UNCF Hosuton Walk-a-Thon 2nd Place Top New Group

2005 - Region 5 Alumni Extension Chapter of the Year

2005 - National Alumni Extension Chapter of the Year

2011 - Region 5 Alumni Extension Chapter of the Year



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