Future NSBE-HSC/NSBE-NASA Chapter Program





NOTE: This will begin as a NSBE-HSC program, but as other NSBE chapters are started at other NASA centers, this will become a shared program among all NSBE NASA chapters.  It is more a vision than a formalized program, though elements of One NASA will be represented in various board member job responsibilities and some program elements.



·        Support the goals of NASA’s One NASA initiative

·        Ensure the intended benefits of One NASA are realized among NASA civil service and contractor NSBE members

·        Provide high visibility opportunities for NSBE to directly contribute to One NASA

·        Equip NASA NSBE-AE chapters to collaborate on NASA-related research and other activities; including the development and implementation of cross-center and cross-enterprise NSBE-NASA projects and programs

·        Increase “sense of belonging”/personal sense of value among Black NASA civil service and contractor employees



·        Attempt to place at least one NSBE member on the One NASA team (via either recruiting an existing team member to join NSBE or successfully convincing NASA to add a HSC-selected member)

·        Educate NASA’s NSBE membership on One NASA and its importance to the Agency and to NSBE


Final Note

The NASA official expectation for the success of One NASA is that, “we will begin to see real signs of victory as we all truly begin to think, act and feel like a single unified team.” (Source: http://www.onenasa.nasa.gov/faq.htm)  NSBE-HSC will aggressively work to ensure that this victory is representative and inclusive of the Black NASA civil service and contractor employees.


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