Future NSBE-HSC Program



New Employee Checklist



NSBE-HSC wants to ensure that new employees do not fall through cracks in the JSC system, either missing out on important information or taking longer than necessary to become adjusted to the Houston community.  NSBE-HSC provides a list of items for employees to verify have been performed as well as listings of community items of interest, information booklets, and potentially videos/seminars.



·         Civil Service In-Processing (guidance on how to verify that employee and employee’s organization has performed all in-processing paperwork; i.e. Subscribed to JSC Today, insurance, badging)

·         Contractor In-Processing (same, but for contractors)


Community Orientation Booklets

·         Houston maps

·         Black Church Directory

·         Recommended doctors, dentists, lawyers, barbers, beauticians, mechanics, etc.

·         Where to go for drivers license and car registration

·         Current Leisure Learning booklet or link to website

·         Financial Planning *

o        Importance of 401K or alternate retirement plan(s)

o        Assessment/comparison of civil service and contractor retirement/savings plans

o        Investments strategies; options available to NASA employees

·         How to repair your credit *

·         How to buy a house in five years *

·         How to buy a new car (including mistakes to avoid; lease vs. buy, etc.) *


* - item may become a seminar or recorded as a video (VHS or CD) for later viewing


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