Far-Future NSBE-HSC/NSBE-AE Program


NSBE Space Camp



Presumably would be operated by a spinoff organization/joint venture - HSC would not conduct day-to-day operations and may only be involved in the founding on a conceptual and technical support level; most likely co-located with the Black Space Museum. May wish to significantly involve Charlie Bolden, Mae Jemison and Bernard Harris, perhaps other former astronauts in the Houston area.


Modeled somewhat after US Space Camp (Huntsville) but significantly less expensive.

Simulator fidelity may be somewhere above that of a Challenger Center while perhaps (initially) not as sophisticated as US Space Camp. Incorporate lessons learned from high school and commuity college Texas Aerospace Scholars programs. Goal is to engage African American youth who typically do not consider space-related fields.


Offer high school and undergraduate levels.


Major mockup arenas:

        Space Shuttle


        Lunar Base and LTV

        Mars Base and MTV

        Mission Control

        Reduced Gravity Sports Arena? (i.e. 1/6 gravity basketball)


Space Station McNair student dormitory

(derived from Space Camp Habitat, but different design; create an Afrocentric-Astronautic flavor and more realistic representations of spacecraft hab modules)


Will require expertise from throughout AE to construct at reasonable expense assembling this space camp will be a national Alumni program, involving networking with assorted businesses

        Phone and cellular industries voice networks

        IBM/Sisco/Microsoft/etc. computer networks

        NASA technical content

        Architectural industries facility design and construction


Concept: NSBESA - NSBE Space Agency - is a joint government/private venture, funded partially by Congressional appropriations and partially from entertainment revenue (sports arena)



        Icebreaker/Team Building Program

        Presentation Skills

o                                           Speaking

o                                           Transparency, PowerPoint, Flip Charts, 3-D Models



        Project Management

        Mission Operations

        Engineering Design and Testing



        Induce budget cuts and surpluses (add/remove transportation, cafeteria menu items without warning, alter other resources, etc.)

        Offer different types of sessions:

o       Space Exploration Session - space camp-like with simulated missions




o       Space Design Session - TAS-like with design competitions (include MER support to SES?)

o       Reduced Gravity Sports Arena is recreational facility used by all attendees; also open to public for nominal fee

o       Run all sessions at same time, with project managers responsible for overseeing entire agency and managing budget for all programs


*Fundraiser* - if simulator is of sufficient fidelity, contract to JSC to allow astronauts to conduct after-hour nominal shuttle and ISS practice.


Note: eventually, may expand facilities beyond space camp to provide an environment for limited undergraduate and graduate level space-related research, possibly offering research fellowships to NSBE members.


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