Future NSBE-HSC Program



Long Range NSBE Jr. Management Strategy


Issue: Houston is far too large for any NSBE chapter to effectively manage a significant NSBE Jr. outreach and is difficult for all NSBE chapters combined.  Even with non-duplicative efforts, all of the collegiate and Alumni chapters in the area cannot reach more than a fraction of the middle and high schools.  Additionally, we must take care to avoid nonproductive duplication of efforts.


Initial Strategy (1-5 NSBE Jr. chapters in Houston area)

Compile active NSBE Jr. chapters and assign lead and support Collegiate/AE Chapters

Designate HSEP as a flagship chapter and establish coording team from HAE, HSC, UH, and Rice to coordinate support

Target additional schools for new chapters and distribute responsibility among Collegiate/AE chapters


Growth Strategy (5-15 NSBE Jr. chapters in Houston area)

Regularly gather NSBE Jr. CEOs for leadership training as a group

Begin to conduct joint programs among the NSBE Jr. chapters

Begin to expand towards middle schools

NSBE Jr. chapter advisors, Collegiate/Alumni PCI chairs begin to meet monthly to discuss citiwide NSBE Jr. strategy


Long-Term Strategy (15-20 NSBE Jr. chapters in Houston area)

Develop and implement a NSBE Jr. citywide leadership organization, modeled after the Greensboro Youth Council (http://www.ci.greensboro.nc.us/leisure/GYC/default.htm) in terms of structure and leadership training.  This Houston NSBE Jr. Council (HNJC) will manage NSBE Jr. in the Houston area, providing leadership to NSBE Jr. CEBs, planting chapters at additional schools, and conducting GYC-like projects that will develop members’ leadership skills, increase NSBE exposure, and engage students in an engineering-oriented path.  A HNJC Advisory Board, composed of Houston area Alumni and Collegiate PCI chairs and NSBE Jr. chapter advisors, will act in similar roles to that of GYC’s coordinator, assistant coordinator and program assistants, providing guidance to NSBE Jr. HNJC project chairs and executive board members.  If successful, the HNJC paradigm may become a model for use in other megacities, such as Los Angeles, New York City, etc.


Example City-wide Projects and Project Chair requirments: (these are NOT necessarily final ideas; just samples of possibilities)

A Projects - must be a junior or senior and have chaired a B project

·         Space Expo Carnival (like GYC Carnival, but as part of the Black Space Expo)

·         TechnoGhouls! (rework GYC’s Ghoulash! into a Halloween project with an engineering twist)

B Projects - must have chaired a C project or been on the Project Exec Bd (PEB) of an A project

·         FIRST (NASA’s robotics competition)

·         Rocket Launch (contest at the Black Space Expo)

·         Try-Math Competition: Houston Eliminations

·         Santa’s Workshop

·         Air Show (concessions stand at a Houston area airshow - fundraiser)

C Projects - must be a sophomore or higher and have held a CEB office or been on the PEB of a B project

·         Try-Math Fall Training

·         Try-Math Spring Training

·         SAT/ACT Prep

·         Homework Help Hotline

·         Juneteenth Parade

·         Christmas Parade


HNJC Executive Board (held by NSBE Jr. members)





Public Relations




District Directors (i.e. NE, NW, SE, SW but might divide Houston in another way)

Training Director

All Project Chairs of Active Projects


Note:  Each project and executive board member will have as an advisor an Alumni or Collegiate PCI chair.


NSBE Jr. Initial High Priority Target Schools for HSC


Target criteria: (any of below may cause school to be a priority)

            Existing relationship with NASA-JSC

            Significant school interest in creating NSBE-based relationshp with NASA-JSC

            Significant African American student population

            Proximity to NASA-JSC

            NSBE and NTA do not currently have a presence


Potential Schools for Initial Activites (NOT a definite list)

Middle Schools

·        Pershing Middle School (HISD) (visited in 2002)

·        Space Center Intermediate School (adjacent to JSC)

·        TBD


High Schools

·        TBD


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