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We recognize there is a tremendous amount of activity underway throughout NSBE and it is easy to get lost in the sea of emails.This page can help you to keep track of some of the most important activities as relates to our chapter and where to sign up to participate.



Details and Links to Sign Up

NSBE Membership

Chapter membership is the first step in enjoying NSBE benefits or taking part in chapter programs.For some programs, it is impossible to participate without first completing your NSBE membership.Please take care of this as quickly as possible if you have not already done so.

National dues ($50):https://nol.nsbe.org

Local dues ($25): http://www.nsbe-hsc.org/nsbestore.htm

NSBE Space Special Interest Group

Created by our chapter, along with the Goddard and Stennis chapters -a national network of space professionals working to advance technology and communicate the opportunities in space to the Black community.NSBE membership is required.Free.


Project Arusha Pressurized Rover

A NSBE Space project to design a 48-person lunar base.The Arusha effort for 2005-2006 will center around the conceptual design of a pressurized rover.Participants will serve on a design team and prepare and present conference technical papers.NSBE membership is required.Free.


Cosmos Mentoring Program

These chapter mentoring circles will group 3-6 space professionals together to collectively share advice, insight, and lessons learned to help each other advance their careers.Individaul groups will meet in person monthly or at their own preference.NSBE membership is required.Free.


A Walk for Education

This national service project involves passing out educational literature in Houstonís Sunnyside neighborhood on Saturday, October 22.NSBE membership is NOT required.It is VERY imporant for as many people as possible to sign up and help.Free.

NSBE member signup:


Non-member signuip:


Entrepreneurship Development Group

This regional program is designed to develop entrepreneurs in the Alumni Extension.We are interested in seeing this program help to launch the businesses of several chapter members.NSBE membership is required.Most services free.


Technical Paper Competition

This competition is held at the National Convention and carries a $1000 grand prize.Free travel and accommodations to the Convention are provided for the top finalists.NSBE membership is required.Free.


AE Technical Scholarship

This competition will award two Alumni members who are still in graduate school (graduating no sooner than May 2007) with $2000 cash prizes.NSBE membership is required.Free.


Fall Regional Conference / Professional Development Conference

October 28-30, 2005

Oklahoma City, OK

This conference includes 16 PDUs or 1.6 CEUs/PDHs of professional training, encompassing project management, six sigma, and coaching and teambuilding.No other conference in NSBE or any other organization will give you this quality of training for this low a cost.Other workshops encompass tracks for entry-level, mid-level, and experienced engineers.Early registration $80, Registration $100, Late registration $120.


Strategic Planning and Research Conference

January 27-29, 2006

Austin, TX

Haven to lovers of technology, the SPRC is an Alumni Extension conference focused around NSBEís Special Interest Groups, complimented by entrepreneurial training, leadership development, and NSBE Region 5-AE business.The SPRC is also home to NSBEís only true Technology Expo.Early registration $65, Late/Onsite $85.


National Convention

March 29 - April 2, 2006

Pittsburgh, PA

The ultimate conference experience within NSBE.The National Convention brings together the entire NSBE membership in Pittsburgh, PA and features the Technical Professional Conference, which encompasses SIG technical workshops, professional development training, a variety of interest workshops, and one of the largest career fairs in the nation.Early registration $180, Registration $205, Late registration $265.





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