Leadership Structure


NSBE utilizes what is termed a “zone structure”, dividing the executive board into zones, each of which has a zone leader who provides guidance for board members in his or her zone.  This allows subsets of the board to concentrate on common issues without requiring the attention of other board members who are not involved in those efforts.  Zones for the Houston Space Chapter are as follows:








Chapter Executive Board (CEB)



* Chapter Executive Officer

^ Zone Leader


President *^

Vice-President *

Secretary *^

Publications Chair

Public Relations Chair

Telecommunications Chair

Treasurer *^

Finance Chair

Programs Chair *^

Chief Engineer

Professional Development Chair

Community Impact Chair

College Initiative Chair

Pre-College Initiative Chair

Student Coordinator

Membership Chair *^

Civil Service Counselor

Contractor Counselor

Social and Professional Networking Chair


Officer Job Descriptions

Officer Selection Timeline

Executive Board Application Form

Committee Resources



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