Date Auction

Get Ready to Date a Rocket Scientist!

NSBE-HSC is partnering with NSBE-Houston Alumni Extension and several other organizations across the city to sponsor a date auction as a fundraiser.

Event Date:       Fall 2003, date TBA

Location:          To Be Announced

Purpose:           To raise money to finance NSBE-HSC’s initial activities, while introducing the Houston Space Chapter to the Houston Black community.

How can I participate?

If you are interested in representing NSBE-HSC in the auction, please email Dr. Howard.  If you are interested in attending the auction, please bring your friends and help support a worthy cause.  The proceeds of the auction will be divided among the participating organization, all of which are culturally responsible community nonprofits, working to make Houston a better city for all.  So come on out and enjoy a good time, and perhaps meet someone new!

The “date” will be a group date in a Houston-area restaurant selected by the Houston Alumni Extension.  Please check back for additional information as it is made available by NSBE-HAE.

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