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This page is intended as a one-stop shop for NSBE-HSC committee members and chairpersons.  A work in progress, it will continue to grow and develop.  Visit this page often to locate resources to help you contribute to your committee effectively and efficiently.  Please email the President with any suggestions for modifications or additions to this page.


Previous Chapter Development Reports

2003-2004 CDP


Committee Meeting Minutes

All committee meeting minutes will be posted along with other chapter minutes on the minutes page.  Reminder: Minutes are an extremely important tool and should be taken at all committee meetings, no matter how short a particular meeting agenda may be.  Delegate this responsibility to a reliable committee member.  That committee member should email meeting minutes to you and the rest of your committee within two business days of the conclusion of each meeting.


Committee Forms and Paperwork

Action Plan Worksheet                         Use this form at each committee meeting to keep track of action items and to monitor committee members’ progress toward completion of assigned actions.  Each committee member is encouraged to keep his or her own Action Plan Worksheet and a master sheet should be kept for the entire project.


Committee Meeting Report                   In addition to ensuring the taking of minutes for each meeting, every committee chairperson should also complete a Committee Meeting Report and submit it to the Vice President along with the meeting minutes within four business days of the conclusion of each meeting.


Committee Manpower Request             Email this completed form to the Membership Chair to request help identifying manpower for committee tasks.  Consider the type of manpower request when determining a timeline for submission.  In general, submit the request at least one week in advance of any request, but provide a longer lead time for any requests requiring extended time commitments, specific skill sets, etc.  Additionally, be aware that submitting this form is no guarantee that the Membership Chair will be able to find the resources you require.


                                                            Note:  This form will not be particularly useful until the chapter has a Membership Chair and has substantially increased its membership.  Committee Chairs are strongly encouraged to not rely solely upon this resource.


NSBE-HSC Calendar of Events           Email the President to add/delete/edit committee event dates.


NSBE-HSC Constitution                      All activities must comply with regulations in the chapter constitution.  Please become familiar with this document.


Chapter Budget 2007-2008                  The chapter budget is our financial plan for the year.  Make sure your committee activities are within the parameters specified in the budget.  Remain in close contact with the Chapter Treasurer to ensure you will have the funds you need and to help present any needed budget modifications to the executive board.  (You will be directly involved in the fundraising process, but the Treasurer will help you along the way; and only those listed on the chapter bank account(s) should be directly handling money.)


Special Recognition

On Point Nomination Form                   Has an executive board member been particularly helpful to you?  Reward him or her with a nomination for the Executive Board Member “On Point” award.


Member Spotlight                                 Has a committee member been doing a great job?  Reward him or her with a nomination for the “Member Spotlight” award.




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