Future NSBE-HSC Program



Book Project


Tentative Title: Afrospace: A History of African Americans in the US Space Program


<<Question: JSC only or all of NASA??? Or space at large, going beyond NASA??? Or NASA with exception of Lawrence (UASF)??? Include both civil servants and contractors>>


Purpose: Author and publish a book to educate the Black community about our role in space. Increase appreciation for space exploration within the Black community.



        Dr. Atkinson ASAP

        All GS 15 and higher Black Civil Servants and equivalent contractors

        EO Office

        All current and former Black astronauts (want info on themselves, each other, and every other Black they know of that did anything of even minor importance)


What contributions did Blacks make at JSC prior to the current day? What about today?

Who can answer the same question at other centers?


Book should be a compilation of bios, interviews, recollections, etc. Photos wherever possible.

Also want contact info for each person to feature or next of kin if deceased.


Goal of the book is to

1.                  Increase our own awareness of our accomplishments

2.                  Inspire Black youth to know that we have done great things and so can they

3.                  Educate the world at large as to the activities of Blacks in the space program


Purpose of book is not to whine about unequal treatment, although any civil rights victories should be featured. Its purpose is to know who we are, who we have been, what we have done, and what we are doing.


Market book to: NASA exchange stores, space souvenir stores, Black churches with bookstores, bookstores, public libraries, university libraries, minority organizations


Consider: traditional publishing or self-publish via internet publishing providers??


Notes: Excellent project for NSBE-HSC while chapter is in development phase; information gathering will help to network chapter with NASA and contractor organizations


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