Far-Future NSBE-HSC Program


Black Space Museum

(Or possibly Black Aerospace Museum – I prefer space, but may need to add aviation)



Presumably would be operated by a spin-off nonprofit organization devoted solely to the museum.


Possible locations:

·        Ellington Airfield

·        Clear Lake (near JSC)

·        Hobby Airport


Note:  May become future permanent site of Black Space Expo


Space Exhibits

·        African American Astronauts

o       Special Anderson, McNair and Lawrence exhibits

o       Special exhibit anytime a Black astronaut is currently flying

o       Special exhibit for any Black Ascans

o       Permanent exhibit on all African American astronauts

·        Black scientists and engineers

·        Space hardware – flight hardware, test articles, and replicas

·        “Hands on Science” sections

·        African and other non-American Black space history

·        Education Center


Aviation Exhibits (if make Aerospace museum)

·        Tuskegee Airmen

o       Mannequins/bios

o       Aircraft

o       WWII footage

·        Other Black aviation pioneers

·        Selected recent/current aviators (military, test pilot, experimental aircraft)



Classroom space (1-3 rooms)

Café (performing stage – can use nights as music venue)

*Fundraiser* - lease office space to Bronze Eagles?  NSBE Region V?


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