Future Joint Organization Program


Black Space Expo

Quarterly? Semiannual? Annual? Event


NOTE:  I need feedback on this event.  This is not something we will do next year; perhaps not even in the next five years.  But when it happens, it should not be something that only space cadets like me will want to attend.  This must be constructed in a way that it will appeal to the average, general population.  The typical Black Houstonian who does not work in the space program and will not ever work in the space program should want to come (1) because it is an entertaining and interesting event to him/her and (2) because of opportunities at this event for his/her child(ren).  Of course, there should also be plenty to satisfy the appetites of Black space cadets like me in the Houston area.


Space outreach to Houston area Black community

·                    Ideally, joint project with AAAN, BBEA, NSBE, NTA and USA Heritage Committee, but will do as NSBE-only if necessary; AAAN or NSBE-HSC will always be lead organization for Black Space Expo program planning

·                    Goal: educate Black community about space program

o                   Importance of space program

o                   Achievements of African Americans in space program

o                   Impact on daily lives

o                   Increase excitement/enthusiasm/support for space program

o                   Opportunities in the space program

o                   Inspire youth to pursue science/engineering/space careers

·                    Events

o                   FIRST Robotics Exhibition Match

o                   Solar Oven Demonstration (how to make simple solar ovens)

·                    Contests, Competitions

o                   Rocket Launches

§                     Child

§                     Teen

§                     Adult

o       Solar Oven Cook-off

§         Cooking competition using solar ovens

§         Open to all ages, no categories

§         Part 1: Oven construction

§         Part 2: Meal preparation

§         Part 3: Taste test

§         Prizes:

1.      Grand Prize - Cruise for two (out of Galveston)

2.      First Prize - $300

3.      Second Prize - $200

4.      Third Prize - $100

§         Leave free to cook any dish, or restrict to a specific dish??

§         No electrical, mechanical, or chemical power sources – solar only

o                   Freestyle Competition

§         Middle, High school and adult categories

§         Freestyle rap with space-related theme

o                   Music, poetry, literature, speech contests

·                    Entertainment

o                   Giveaways/Promotion booths

§                     97.9 and other radio stations

§                     Six Flags?

§                     Space Center Houston

§                     Space Camp

o                   Entertainer Performances

o                   Actor/Actress appearances (i.e. Black science fiction actors as well as mainstream genre Black actors who support engineering/space)

o                   Comedy shows

o                   Extreme sports attractions (i.e. rock wall, padded jousting, etc.)

·                    Black Astronaut appearances (Congressionally designated “must-do” for ALL of them)

·                    NASA trailers/tents

o                   Space Station exhibit (NASA’s walk-through 18-wheeler)

o                   Teacher resource centers

o                   Space suit exhibits

o                   Student program booths (NASA & contractor co-op/intern/etc. programs)

o                   NASA aircraft static displays if at Ellington, Hobby, or Intercontinental

·                    Vendor booths (preference given to HAE, local collegiate and PCI chapters)


One location or rotate location for full Houston coverage????

·                    Southeast Houston (Ellington, Hobby area or near NASA)

·                    Southwest Houston (I-59/Sharpstown area)

·                    Northwest Houston (290 area)

·                    Northeast Houston (Intercontinental area)

·                    Downtown

·                    3rd Ward

·                    5th Ward


Involve Black churches (perhaps include choirs as part of performances? – goal is to use involvement to create indirect publicity, buy-in, and support)

What is the involvement for:

§         NAACP (voter registration drive, but what else?)

§         UNCF

§         Urban League

§         National Black MBA

§         National Black Data Processing Association

§         Greek Organizations

§         Megachurches

§         Local area churches

(These should all be involved as participants)


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