Future NSBE-HSC Program



Michael Anderson Biography


Tentative Title:TBD


Purpose:†††††††††† Author and publish a book to celebrate the life of Michael Anderson.



Duane Ross

Anderson family

Black astronauts

STS-89 crew (his previous flight)



STS-107 memorial outside JSC gate

Building 4S memorials


NOTE:This project depends entirely on the interest of Sandy Anderson.It will not be initiated unless it is something she takes an interest in seeing happen.If it happens, she will retain unrestricted editorial authority over book content.


Book should be a compilation of bios, interviews, recollections, etc.Photos wherever possible.Must be easily readable and engaging.


Market book to: NASA exchange stores, space souvenir stores, Black churches with bookstores, bookstores, public libraries, university libraries, minority organizations


Consider:traditional publishing or self-publish via internet publishing providers??


Notes:All proceeds from book sales should go to the Anderson family or their designated fund.This is a community service project, NOT a chapter fundraiser and chapter should retain absolutely no profits from book sales.All money beyond direct publishing expenses must go directly to the Anderson family, with no overhead surcharges.


Note:If successful, should author future books on Robert Lawrence and Ron McNair, with identical profit structure.May later author books on living Black astronauts and develop those as fundraiser, with profits shared between chapter and entity of astronautís designation.


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